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Delicate flavour of plums, cherries and raspberries, bright ruby red with violet lightness on the edges, tender tannin and a smooth, round finish.
Vintage 2014

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Welcome to Weingut Gmeiner!
Since 1987 we at Weingut Gmeiner work with passion on the creation and refinement of our red and white wines. The sunlit sites, located directly at the Neusiedlersee, give our wines their distinctiveness. Frisky, vernal fruitiness of our young wines, as well as the mineral tones and tension of our mature wines stands for their quality and Austrian origin. This is also confirmed by international expert panels.

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Weingut Gmeiner wishes Merry Christmas

The days are getting shorter, the grape harvest is finished and winter is approaching with great strides. Time to lay back, have a glass of wine and to celebrate the holidays. Family Gmeiner wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2016!

New online presence from Weingut Gmeiner

The homepage of Weingut Gmeiner has a new look. Weingut-gmeiner.at is technically up to date and provides everything wine lovers could wish for. Find out more about the region, the cultivation and production - and of course the wide range of wines. These can be ordered in the also redesigned online store! We wish you lots of fun with reading, selecting and tasting


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Red Wines

Peak season for wine growing in Burgenland is between September and October – depending on the weather during the whole year.
Red wine is made out of black grapes. After the vintage the stems of the grapes are removed and the grapes are carefully pressed. Out of that, the so-called mash – a mixture of fruit pulp, juice, skin and nuclei – emerges. The mash is then filled into copper tanks, where the fermentation process begins after the addition of yeast.
During fermentation dyestuffs and tannins are extracted from the grape skin. As opposed to the common opinion the dyestuff of grapes isn’t located in the fruit pulp, but in their skins. Due to that fact the skins are very valuable for vine-growers. After fermentation the mash is pressed out and the young wine is ready for degustation.

To get a mature red wine out of this fruity, young wine a period of rest is needed. Depending on type, maturity level, origin and vintage the duration of said period can vary greatly. During this period the young wine is resting and expanding its bouquet. Ingredients and flavours merge into a harmonic cooperation. Especially in this phase the vine-growers instinctive feeling is needed because this is when the distinctive nature of the red wine is generated
From the grape through to the fermentation our red wines are attended by affection and accuracy. Our assortment exists of 11 red wine types reaching from “Pinot Noir” and “Blaufränkisch” over “Merlot” and “Zweigelt” up to “Syrah”.

Fossil 2012

Dark ruby red colour and smell of explosive fruit, vistula and cassis, soft touch of chocolate. Brilliant silky tannins and a long fruity and pleasant finish.
Vintage 2012

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White Wines

The production process of white wine is similar to that of the red wine. The most important difference lies in the fact, that the grapes are fermented together with the skin for red wines, whereas on the other hand, only the liquid of the grapes is needed for the vinification. The reason for that is that the dyestuffs are located in the skins of the grapes. For white wines it is therefore necessary to ferment the liquid without the skin to receive its typical colouring.
Our white wines convince with their pure colouring and spring like freshness. Our white wine range contains different types as “Welschriesling”, “Chardonnay” and “Sauvignon blanc”.

Sauvignon Blanc

Bright, yellow-green in color, gentle aroma of elder and luscious with fresh taste and a fantastic citrus finish.
Vintage 2015

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Leithaberg. DAC.

Viniculture Gmeiner - one of 62 members of the Leithaberg DAC association

62 winegrowers with the aim to press wine focussing their special origin. They take care of the nature, live their traditions and create individual wine with passion. So the culture and the unique Leithaberg terroir are saved. The Leithaberg DAC wines show their philosophy with a distinctive and local character. The winegrowers trust in the natural maturation and give the wine the time to unfold its unique character. The wines are mineral, dense and long lasting - wines that increase and still remaining true to their origin.

Leithaberg DAC Blaufränkisch

Deep dark ruby red and blackberry-plumb in the nose, delicate tannin-notes consign a mineral finish.
Vintage 2012

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Wine Region. Neusiedlersee.

How to find us
We look forward to your visit at Weingut Gmeiner! From Monday until Saturday (except holidays) we would be very pleased to carry you off into the fascinating world of wine growing with wine degustations and guided tours on our vineyard.
Explore furthermore the idyllic landscape around our vineyard in Burgenland – the country of the sun! The “Genussregion” directly located at the Neusiedlersee accommodates besides culinary highlights and wine-festivals also cultural and historical treasures as well as numerous sports activities.
We look forward to your visit! Plan your journey to our vineyard in Purbach!

Sale and wine degustation
Monday until Saturday - except holidays. Please reserve in advance.

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